The convenience you and your pet deserve.

Veterinary house calls are NOT a thing of the past. Dr. Kristie Plunkett combines the personalized tradition of old-fashioned house calls with modern medicine when she brings her custom designed, state of the art veterinary hospital to your home. Our goal is to make caring for your pet as convenient and stress free as possible. Mobile Veterinary Hospital of Tulsa features full-service veterinary care including wellness and preventive care, digital x-rays, blood work and surgery at your front door. Mobile Veterinary Hospital of Tulsa is proudly owned and operated by Dr. Kristie Plunkett.

What makes us different compared to a standard veterinary hospital?

Here are four great reasons to choose a house call veterinarian:

Convenience. Save time and avoid the headache of transporting your pet to a veterinary hospital, as well as long times spent in the waiting room. By having your animal examined and treated by Dr. Kristie Plunkett in the comfort of your own home, there is no need to gather kids, load your pet in the car, or fight traffic. With flexible appointments, you get to choose a time that’s convenient for you. Plus, no more vacuuming out the car after the trip to the vet!

Personalized care. At many clinics, the veterinarians are busy with multiple patients at the same time, so the time you get to spend with the veterinarian is often limited. With a veterinary house call you can enjoy relaxed, unrushed time directly with the veterinarian. Dr. Kristie Plunkett will provide your pet with her complete, undivided care and attention for the duration of the visit. Because we see our clients one at a time, you will have ample opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you have about your pet’s health.

Reduced stress. A visit to the vet can be an incredibly stressful, even traumatic, experience for many pets (not to mention their owners). The car ride, strange sights, scents, and sounds of the waiting room, and unfamiliar surroundings produce significant anxiety in many animals. This is especially undesirable in animals that may already not be feeling well. It can also cause your pet to mask certain signs and symptoms, making evaluation and diagnosis more difficult. House calls help prevent epileptic pets from having stress-induced seizures. A veterinary house call provides a comfortable, relaxed environment for your pet, which can result in a more accurate diagnosis and/or more effective treatment.

Better health. Avoid the hazard of sitting in a waiting room with your pet next to someone else’s sick animal. By remaining at home and letting the veterinarian come to you, you eliminate the risk of your pet contracting an illness from exposure to a sick animal.

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